Link to Forgot Password moving on Registration Site

On Tuesday, September 26th we will be releasing an update to the Account Sign In page on your Registration Site. The change is to move the link to Forgot your password? to below the Password field.

What is the issue?
To resolve an issue where a customer is not returned to the page they were on after they reset their password. The issue is caused by the forgot password link being included in a Content Field.


  • Customer clicks on Pre-Filter link or link in Group Attendee Request Code automated email.
  • During the process, they navigate to the Account Sign In page and click Forgot Password.
  • After resetting their password and logging in, they are taken to the Account Dashboard.

What is the change?
The fix for this issue is to move the link to Forgot your password? to be a global link below the Password Field.

Sign In Page

What action needs to be taken?
To prevent multiple links to Forgot your Password? showing up on the Account Sign In page, it is recommended to update the Content Field to remove reference to the link. To update a Content Field, follow the instructions below.

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