How do I create Company Divisions?

A Company Division allow you to reflect your organizational complexity within CircuiTree. These divisions help you keep revenues and expenses separate from one another, especially if you have different organizational entities that operate separately from one another.


They represent the high-level clusters of economic activity that exist within an organization. Some examples of Company Divisions include:

  • Different type of activity [Camp versus Conference]
  • Different physical locations
  • Different tax status [Profit versus Non-Profit]
  • Different 501(c)3 entities

One of the main determining factors to the number of cost centers you’ll need is related to how many payment processor accounts you have. Your Business Analyst will provide assistance determining what your company divisions should be. At least one Company Division is needed for Event Configuration.

Add Company Division

  1. In CT6, go to Menu > Config > Registration > Company Divisions.

  1. Select Add Company Division in the lower right hand corner.
  2. Enter the name of the Company Division and select Save.

Edit Company Division

  1. If needed, filter the list of Company Divisions. How do I customize my grid view?

  1. To edit, select the  icon to change the name or Disable. View disabled Company Divisions by selecting Show Disabled in the lower left hand corner.
  2. To delete, select the  icon to remove. To be able to delete, the Company Division must not be currently used for an Event, Resource or Store Location.