How do I make a Donation?

The Donation Portal allows you to collect donations from your donors as well as allowing them to see their donation history.


To find the link to Donations to add to your marketing site, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Registration Site and login as a Site Admin.
  2. Select Donation.

  1. You can also access the Donation Portal by going to

Make Donation

  1. The Donation Portal allows you to Make a Donation or sign in to your account.
    • Selecting Make a Donation allows a donor to donate anonymously. After they donate they can create a password to login to their account.

  1. Enter the amount that you would like to donate as well as the type of donation.
    • Donate Now – set an amount that is donated.

    • Schedule One-Time – set a date when the donation will be made.
    • Schedule Monthly – set a date range in which monthly donations are made.

  1.  Select the Fund and Appeal to donate to.

  1. If desired, add a comment to the donation.

  1. Either sign in to access your account, or continue to enter a payment method.

  1. Once all the information is selected, select Submit Donation.
  2. View the donation summary with a link to either view your donation history or make another donation.

Donation History

  1. Donation History can be accessed via the donation dashboard or after making a donation.

  1. View your donation history, pledges and pending donations. Select the year drop down to see your past history of donations.

Cancel Pledge
  1. To cancel a pledge, select the drop down icon.

  1. Next, select the x icon to remove the pledge.

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