How do I configure Company Settings?

Company Settings are used for your entire database.


  1. Go to Config > General > Company Settings.


Update some general settings for your Company.

  1. Select Detail.
  2. View the details and select Edit to update.

  1. Update fields and then select Save.

  • Name – Enter the name of your Company.
  • Abbreviation – Enter your abbreviation.
  • Billing Contact – Select a CircuiTree User as your Billing Contact.
  • Address – Enter your billing address.
  • Company Logo – Not currently used.

Application Settings

Update Global Settings for your entire Company.

  1. Select Application Settings.

  1. Use the filter at the top of the screen to find specific Application Settings.
  2. Select Edit to update an Application Setting.
  3. Update the setting and then select Save.

For more details on specific Application Settings, check out the article below:

Automated Processing

Turn on or off Automated Processing and set email address to get notifications each night when the Nightly Process runs.

  1. Update the fields as needed and then select Save.

  • Default Email Recipient Address – Enter the email address for who should receive email notifications if there is nothing set for a process.
  • Default Email Sender – Select Automated Email Address to send from.
  • Process – Select a process to enable it.
  • Notification Emails – Enter an email address to send notifications to. Separate multiple emails with a comma or semicolon. Not all processes send email.

Most of the following Automated Processes should not be disabled. Consult your Business Analyst if you have any questions.

  • Email Sent Close EFT Batch – Generates GL Batch, Payment Audit and Merchant Batch reports.
  • Enrollment Snapshot – Creates a snapshot of Registrations that can be used to compare in reporting.
  • AutoPayments – Processes any Scheduled Payments.
  • Standardizes Addresses – Updates mailing addresses added for best deliverability.
  • Email Sent Attendee Emails – Sends Camper Emails report for One-Way Emails. Override by setting email on Location.
  • Sync SalesLink Cache – Not currently used.
  • System Audit – Runs an audit to find any discrepancies.
  • Email Sent Generate Statement – Sends CircuiTree Statement on the first of every month.
  • Sync Photolink Cache – Not currently used.
  • Process Pending Donations – Processes any pending donations.
  • Email Sent Transportation Flight Updates – Sends updates for any flights connected to Transportation.

Login Activity

View activity of users in your database.

  1. Update the Criteria and select Find.

  • Begin Date – Enter a begin date.
  • End Date – Enter an end date.
  • Activity Type – Select between Login, Logout and Website Login.
  1. Search for specific records by using the filter at the top of the screen.


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