2022.05.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of New Features and Bug Fixes that have been included in a release.


Release Date: May 9th, 2022


CTD-10566 Allow user to change cancellation reason

CTD-10384 Auto-populate “Type” field – Inventory Adjustment grid

CTD-8786 Add Legal Terms and Balance Columns to Check In

CTD-8434 Allow Unit Price to be updated after Invoice is Posted

CTD-11262 Refactor GetEvents to pull from cache

Change Status of a Cancelled Registration

Bug Fixes

CTD-11414 Getting an error , If I try to not save the overall rating after update

CTD-11401 Getting Error when user edit his profile in customer portal

CTD-11384 Adding an item with Modifiers via Tag added directly to order as opposed to displaying

CTD-11332 Getting invalid error message when we enter UPC limit exceed 25 limit

CTD-11314 Created Organization added to Website automatically

CTD-11311 Reduce Calls to Deposit Query within Account Summary

CTD-11302 Cannot Save Edit of Address from Demographic Information on an Individual Profile

CTD-11299 Getting error If I click on activities menu

CTD-11267 If I edit the phone number it is not changing an existing one, instead it is creating a new one

CTD-10962 Unable to delete address when there are multiple

CTD-10927 Security Too Tight when copying SQL to clipboard

CTD-10781 Unable to donate balance from a registration

CTD-10642 Overall Rating Cannot be Saved

CTD-10266 Legal Term status filters don’t work

CTD-9664 Inventory Items Require Dimension to Create an Item

CTD-9324 Age Not Checked for New Entity in Group Event

CTD-8967 Inventory Items dimensions Grid display need polish

CTD-8416 GL Batch Details Merch Sales Pulling Deferred GL Codes