Web Concepts in CircuiTree

This video describes how CircuiTree incorporates web functions and concepts in its system. It emphasizes the concept of connectivity and shows you what tools you can give your guests and visitors. The video also encourages you to analyze your website opportunities and optimize it to reduce your call burdens and improve your marketing opportunities.

0:00 – 1:33           Objectives

1:33 – 3:25           Web Concepts:  Connectedness (between Registration Site, database, and CT5/CT6)

3:25 – 6:25           Registration Site:  User Experience

6:25 – 8:56           Registration Site:  By You, For You – website tools and functionality

8:56 – 10:35        Registration Site:  Branding Opportunities

10:35 – 11:58      Final Notes


This concludes the Base Path series.