How does CircuiTree work?

This second video in the Getting Started series gives a tour of the CircuiTree software and website to present its capabilities. It lists the features of CampLink, DonorLink, InfoLink, and SalesLink. It also explains how both the CircuiTree application and website are connected to the same database to allow for real-time registrations and payments. It also explains how SalesLink is an installed application that communicates with the CircuiTree’s main systems through web services. The tour also shows the application and web site in operation.

0:00 – 1:00           Objectives

1:00 – 2:10           Application Components (CampLink, DonorLink, InfoLink, and SalesLink)

2:10 – 7:15           CampLink Overview with demo

7:15 – 7:55           Brief Overview of DonorLink, InfoLink, and SalesLink

7:55 – 13:50        Registration Site Overview

13:45 – 14:50      CircuiTree Components:  SalesLink and PhotoLink (*PhotoLink no longer active*)

14:50 – 17:14      SalesLink Overview with demo

17:14 – 19:12      PhotoLink Overview with demo (*no longer active*)

19:12 – 20:25      Final Notes


In the next video in the series, learn about how people are represented in CircuiTree.