Registration in CircuiTree

This fifth video in the Getting Started series describes the registration framework CircuiTree uses and how it incorporates the People and Event concepts in the software. It describes a registration as the intersection of an event with a person or group of people. It explains what an itinerary is and discusses the idea of “ownership” for an itinerary or registration. Finally, it illustrates how payments can be applied to different aspects of a registration.

0:00 – 0:58           Objectives

0:58 – 2:05           Registration Structure

2:05 – 3:52           Understanding Registration

3:53 – 4:56           Registration screen shot

4:56 – 6:17           Understanding an Itinerary

6:17 – 7:09           Itinerary screen shot

7:09 – 9:21           Understanding Ownership

9:21 – 10:48        Understanding Payment Flows

10:48 – 12:06      Final Notes


The final video in this series discusses how CircuiTree uses and integrates with the Web.