Security Management in CT6

Security Management is the latest feature to be added to CT6! You can now quickly change a user’s group, assign a privilege or reset their password.

Easily see what Privileges are inherited by a Group that the user is assigned to.

  • Thumbs Up Green Assigned to user
  • Thumb Black Inherited from group
  • Thumbs Down Not assigned to user

Read how to create new users and manage their security.

Important Update

There are a couple of important items to know about with this new feature.

Each User in CircuiTree is now connected to a person. That means that instead of potentially having a user with a security account to sign in to CT6 and a customer account to sign in to the Registration Site, they now have one account.

We have run the following process for users to allow you to manage their security in CT6:

  • Match users with individuals with the same name and email in the users default company.
  • Insert individuals that don’t have a matching individual on name and email.
  • Insert contact information from user fields for new individuals

Moving forward, please create any new user in CT6.