What is CircuiTree’s role in accounting?

The Accounting Overview series of videos describes the principles and methods incorporated into the CircuiTree system regarding accounting practices and procedures. This series will explain the role that CircuiTree can play in your organization and how information from CircuiTree can be exported to other formats for your purposes. It will also show how money moves through the CircuiTree system, explore some timing principles, and show you where you can configure the system for your needs.

This first video in the Accounting Overview series describes the role CircuiTree can play in your overall accounting system. It describes CircuiTree as an AR module that can record and receive payments (electronic or check/cash.) CircuiTree also tracks charges and revenue by event, location, and a few other factors. It also allows you to associate your GL codes with those activities for greater ease of use in export and integration. Finally, it introduces a few daily and periodic processes you will likely incorporate into your CircuiTree use.

0:00 – 0:23           Introduction

0:23 – 0:55           Major Concepts

0:55 – 2:23           CircuiTree as Sub-Ledger

2:23 – 4:18           Accounting Feature Review

4:18 – 6:25           Overview of Accounting Processes:  Daily Processes

6:25 – 8:13           Overview of Accounting Processes:  Periodic Processes

8:13 – 9:08           Final Notes


The chart below explains the different methods of accounting CircuiTree allows for, as they relate to timing and journal entries.

In the next video, we’ll see how money moves in the CircuiTree system.