How do I manage Applications?

Now we’d like to introduce you to the Staff Management portion of our new HR features!  From here, you can easily view your staff dashboards, look at individual applicants, complete interviews, and much more!

1.  Start by opening “Management”, then clicking on the “HR” tab.  From here, you have two options:  “Manage Applications” and “HR Dashboards”.  Let’s look at the “HR Dashboard” first.


2.  Here you can see three visual reports about your applicants.

Applications By University / School – This is a heat map that shows you where the majority of your applicants are coming from.

Applications By Status – You can view your Completed vs. Started applications here.

Form Section Status – This helps you to see which sections of your applications have been completed and which have not.


3.  Now let’s look at the “Manage Applications” or “Applications” section.  Enter the appropriate criteria in the field to the left and click “Find”.  From there, you can filter further or view an applicant.  For advanced search options, click on “Advanced” in the search criteria screen.


Here’s the advanced search with additional parameter options.  Select an applicant by clicking “View” by their name.


4.  After opening an applicant record, you’ll see that there are three tabs on the left.  We’ll begin by looking at “Application”.  All sections of your application form will appear, and all but the first section will be minimized.  Just click on the plus sign to view a different section.  Under each section, you’ll be able to see the applicants’ answers to each section (unless they’ve not completed that section).  You can also make notes in the yellow boxes on the right side of the screen.


5.  Now let’s look at the “Interview” tab.  This is where you’ll enter applicant answers as you conduct their interviews.  Note that you can create multiple interviews per applicant by clicking the “New Interview” link at the top left, under the applicant’s name.  Make sure to save at the bottom right when you’ve completed the interview!


6.  Finally, we have the “References” section.  After clicking on this tab, you’ll notice at the top that each reference is listed.  Click on one of the links to view a reference.


7.  Below is what the reference form that will be emailed to references may look like.



And now you know everything there is to know about Staff Management!


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