How do I use Shipping Manager?

CircuiTree provides a shipping manager tool to manage your web orders and pre-orders attached to registrations. It allows you to change the shipping method associated with an order, review its confirmation and tracking emails, and print invoices  (sometimes automatically) to your designated printer.

Shipping Manager How-To

Step 1: Set up your Shipping Manager options

Sales Link –> Shipping Manager–> Actions –> Options

  • Click on the Actions button and choose “Options”
  • If you use UPS Worldship, you can integrate the software with CircuiTree. Contact your business analyst if you’re interested.
  • Designate a printer under the “Printer” tab. This will be used for packing slips and copies of confirmation/tracking emails. Orders may not appear until you’ve selected a printer, so make sure you select one from the start.
  • Decide whether you’d like to automatically retrieve new shipments or print new invoices under the “Options” tab.


Step 2: For web orders, right click the Invoice Number to print packing slips, change shipping methods, or view emails for orders


  • You can select multiple items at a time for reprinting packing slips and changing shipping methods, but individual orders must be selected to view emails.
  • Through here you can print or resend confirmation emails (sent when the item has been ordered) and tracking emails (sent when the item is shipped out).


Step 3:  Mark items as shipped

  • When orders have been filled and mailed, select the box next to the order’s Shipment ID and click “save” at the bottom right. The order will be marked as “shipped”, removed from the orders list, and the tracking email will be sent.


Step 4: Familiarize yourself with pre-orders

  • Pre-orders are typically shipped to camp for pick-up when the camper arrives.
  • The age category in pre-orders counts down to the number of days until camp (as opposed to how many days since the order was placed).


0:00 – 1:50 : Setting up Shipping Manager options

1:50 – 2:50 : Reviewing displayed information

2:50 – 4:15 : Reprinting invoices, changing shipping methods, and viewing confirmation/tracking emails

4:15  – 5:20 : Marking items as shipped and reviewing tracking email

5:20 – 7:15 : Working with preorders and how they differ from web store orders

7:15 – 7:54 : Understanding when to use the orders or preorders view