How do I use Shipping Manager?

Shipping Manager allows you to manage your web orders and pre-orders attached to registrations. It allows you to change the shipping method associated with an order, review its confirmation and tracking emails, and print invoices.


  1. Go to Manage > SalesLink > Shipping Manager.

  1. Use the Criteria to filter the results.

  • Type – Select Orders, Pre-Orders or Prospects.
  • Options – Select Printed or Shipped.
  • Invoice ID – Enter an Invoice ID.
  • Customer Name – Enter the name of a customer.
  1. Select Find.

Manage Orders

  1. View the orders and manage as needed.

  • Age – The number of days since the order. If a Pre-Order, then the number of days until the Event.

Print Packing Slip

The Packing Slip report can be printed for each order to include with a shipment or pre-order.

  1. Select Actions > Print Packing Slips to print any Packing Slip that hasn’t previously been printed.

  1. To print an individual Packing Slip, select and then select Print Packing Slip.

Send Confirmation Email

Send the Web Store Order Confirmation Automated Email to a customer.

  1. To send, select and then select Send Confirmation Email.

  1. Confirm email and send by selecting Confirm.

Send Order Tracking Email

Add a tracking number to an order for a customer.

  1. To send, select and then select Send Order Tracking Email.

  1. Enter tracking number and then select Save and Send.

Change Shipping Method

  1. To send, select and then select Change Shipping Method.

  1. Select a new Shipping Method and then select Save.


Once you have shipped an order, update the status.

  1. Select the Shipped checkbox and then select Save Shipments. Once saved, the Web Store Order Shipment Notification Automated Email is sent.

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