What do I do if I have a pending order stuck in SalesLink?

Sometimes SalesLink orders are unable to sync or get stuck as pending. When this happens, we need you to retrieve the XML files for the orders from your computer and send them to us so we can manually fix the issue.

Here’s how to retrieve the XML files from your computer:

  1. Shut down SalesLink.
  2. Right click on your SalesLink shortcut and select Properties.


  1. In the “Shortcut” tab that opens, copy the address to the “Start In” field.
  2. Open “Windows Explorer” and paste the address in the address bar (make sure to remove the quotation marks before hitting enter).
  3. You should see a folder called “Orders_nn” (Your company ID number will be at the end of the folder name).  Open that folder.
  4. There will be 2 XML files in this folder.  Drop them onto your desktop or some other safe place and email them to CT support.

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