Resource Analysis

This third video in the Registration Overview series discusses resources and how CircuiTree uses them to represent a number of activities, buildings, and equipment. It mentions the distinction between lodging resources and all other resources and gives examples of several things that can be represented in CircuiTree by resources. It defines the terms allocation and reservation and their connection to registrations and events. Finally, it discusses some aspects of website access on these resources.

0:00 – 0:45           Objectives

0:45 – 1:45           What Resources Are (with examples)

1:45 – 3:45           What Resources Are:  Lodging

3:45 – 5:22           What Resources Are:  Non-Lodging

5:22 – 7:35           Resources in Registration – allocation and reservation

7:35 – 9:34           Resources:  Web Impact

9:34 – 10:35        Final Notes


In the next video in this series, you’ll learn how to analyze an event for creation in CircuiTree.