How do I analyze my Events?

This video discusses how an event is constructed and gives you some guidance in designing your own events in CircuiTree. It encourages you to ask particular questions about your organization’s events using When/Where/Who/How Much/What?  Answering these questions will help you creating your CircuiTree events and event divisions. It also helps you define your business rules and see which policies can be implemented directly using CircuiTree’s tools.

0:00 – 0:56           Objectives

0:56 – 2:55           “When” Analysis

2:55 – 3:58           “Where” Analysis

3:58 – 7:32           “Who” Analysis

7:32 – 11:13        “How Much” Analysis

11:13 – 13:41      “What” Analysis

13:41 – 14:37      Final Notes