What is a Resource?


A resource in CircuiTree can represent a number of types of physical assets, activities, personnel, or lodging units. It is a deliberately general term, as it covers a large number of possibilities. Resources are defined by types (lodging, person, amenity, amenity capacity-based, activity, activity capacity-based, facility, or equipment) and are furthered defined by categories (which are user-created.) Resources typically belong to certain locations and cost centers, although they may be reassigned to different ones in certain circumstances. Resources can also be nested with layers of parent resources and sub-resources (like cabins in a housing area or bunks in a room) and be charged per use, per day, or a flat fee.


  • Blue Jay, a cabin
  • Meadowlark, a meeting room in the conference center
  • Paintball, an activity
  • Canoes, equipment
  • Day spa, amenity


CampLink > Configuration > Resources > [Specific Resource]

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