What are the different Registration Types?

This second video in the Registration Overview series describes the various types of customers who can sign up for an event and the distinctions between the corresponding registration types. The four supported types are Child, Individual, Family, and Group. The video shows how you can open a single event to multiple types of people by controlling the registration types. It also discusses how registration workflows can be customized per registration type.

0:00 – 1:08           Objectives

1:08 – 3:13           Who People Are (review from People in CircuiTree video)

3:13 – 6:05           Registration Types graphic

6:05 – 7:28           Registration Types – Event Level (with examples)

7:28 – 9:10           Registration Types at Event Division Level (with examples)

9:10 – 11:04        Registration Wizards

11:04 – 11:57      Final Notes


In the next video, you’ll learn more about the powerful use of resources in CircuiTree.