Money Movement in CircuiTree

This second video in the Accounting Overview series describes how money moves in CircuiTree, from the client to the CircuiTree software to your main accounting system. It defines some basic terms (like “payment type”, “batch”, and “ACH”) and describes how payments can enter the system. It then shows how different payments types are “batched” (when and by whom) and briefly mentions other types of batch processing that CircuiTree performs.

0:00 – 0:15           Introduction

0:15 – 0:42           Major Concepts

0:42 – 2:03           Basic Terms – payment type, batch, EFT/ACH

2:03 – 3:37           Money Movement

3:37 – 4:24           Money Movement graphic

4:24 – 5:31           Payment Types – Cash/Paper Checks with graphic

5:31 – 7:20           Payment Types – Electronic Checks with graphic

7:20 – 8:37           Payment Types – Credit Cards with graphic

8:37 – 10:23        Batch Types

10:23 – 11:35      Final Notes


The chart below explains the different methods of accounting CircuiTree allows for, as they relate to timing and journal entries.

The next video discusses what kind of information you can export to your main accounting system.