How do I export accounting information?

This third video in the Accounting Overview video describes what kind of accounting information can be exported from CircuiTree and the types of uses available to you. It also defines basic terms (“GL Code”, “deferred”, “cost center”) and explains how you can associate GL codes with certain activities for easier translation to your main accounting system. It also explores the deferred payment concept and how it affects the daily and periodic batch entries. Finally, it briefly mentions batch reports generated by CircuiTree and how you can use them to update your main accounting software.

0:00 – 0:25           Introduction

0:25 – 0:50           Major Concepts

0:50 – 2:43           Basic Terms – GL Code, deferred, cost center

2:43 – 4:44           Deferred Payment with graphic

4:44 – 5:33           GL Code Setup with graphic

5:33 – 7:05           GL Code Setup Steps

7:05 – 8:32           Using Batch Reports

8:32 – 9:39           Final Notes


The next video shows you what you’ll need to set up in the Accounting configuration section of CircuiTree.