What is a Mass Email?


A mass email message is one that you create and send out to a specified group of people as defined by one of the queries in InfoLink. You can specify a From Name, a From Email, and a Reply To address (the From and Reply To may be different) to help cut down the overloading of a particular person’s inbox (like a camp director). Mass emails let you insert fields from the database query into the body of a message for personalization. You can also include HTML in the body of the email for emphasis. Finally, particular emails may be marked as business related to make sure that people who have opted out of marketing submissions still get the important information you wish to send (like balance due information or information on specific events.)


  • Balance Due email (business related)
  • We’re Coming to Your Area! (marketing email)
  • Things to Bring to Camp (business related)


CampLink > InfoLink > Mass Email > [Specific Mass Email]

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