Mass Email Overview

Mass Email Overview shows the process of creating and sending a mass e-mail message. Mass e-mails use export queries to generate the recipient list. From there, you can compose and edit the e-mail, create a friendly From name, use a different e-mail address for replies, and insert fields from the export query into the body of the e-mail. The video also shows how the e-mail is sent and how to exclude particular recipients from the process.

0:00 – 0:21           Introduction

0:21 – 0:33           Send to Mail Merge

0:33 – 0:47           New Mass Email

0:47 – 1:07           Recipients List

1:07 – 2:22           Message

NOTE:  There are three options to choose from in the “Format” field: Text, HTML, and HTML Designer.  If you are creating the email inside CircuiTree, you will use the text or html option.  However, if you are copying and pasting an email with any kind of formatting (from MailChimp and Mandrill), you will need to “Save As” HTML and select the HTML Designer, then paste in the HTML.

2:22 – 2:45           Preview

2:45 – 2:51           Send Preview

NOTE:  When sending a preview email (or a BCC), if you add an email address that is not attached to a customer account in CT, the “Unsubscribe” link that appears at the bottom of the email when the “Account Related” is not checked will not appear.  The system cannot unsubscribe an individual if there is no email address attached to them in CT.

Example)  Chelsea Brown creates a mass email that is not account-related to send.  She decides to send a preview to her work email address (  However, her customer account in CT has her personal Gmail account attached to it.  When she sends the preview, the option to “Unsubscribe” will not appear because does not exist in CT as a customer.  However, the “Unsubscribe” will appear on the mass email when she sends it.

2:51 – 3:07           Send the Email

3:07 – 4:21           Exclude the Recipient

4:21 – 4:48           Mass Email recorded on individual records


NOTE:  If you run into issues with your merge fields not displaying correctly, make sure you have selected the field with “Display” in front of it.  This will ensure that each field looks  the way you want it to on your mass e-mail.

NOTE:  Mass emails currently have a known issue where items are not always inserted at the point of the cursor.  This will be corrected when we bring mass email over into CT6.