How do I export a file?

Do you need to export a Report or Query from CT5? Here are the steps in order to do so:


  1. Create a folder named CT on your Desktop [or somewhere else that is easily accessible].
  2. Login to VMware Horizon Client and then click on the Settings icon.

  1. Select Sharing and remove any existing connections.

  1. Click Add and navigate to where you created the CT folder, select the folder and then select OK.

  1. Click OK.


  1. Login to VMware Horizon Client and in the menu bar, click VMware Horizon Client and select Preferences.

  1. Click Sharing and remove any existing connections.

  1. Select + to add a new folder.

  1. Navigate to your Desktop [other other easily accessible spot] and click New Folder.

  1. Enter CT as the name of the folder and click Create.

  1. Click Add.

Export File in CT5

  1. To save a file, click on the export icon.

  1. Navigate to the CT that you mapped, enter a file name and then click Save.