How do I remove Transportation Locations?

If you are receiving the following error message when trying to change the date for an event, any transportation locations tied to the event must be removed.


Here is how to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to CampLink > Transportation.
  2. Select the start date for the event and click Find.

Transporation - Date

  1. In the location box in the lower right hand corner, right click to edit the location.

Transportation - Edit Airport

  1. The transportation wizard will open in a new tab. Click Next.
  2. A list of events that the vehicle will deliver to will appear. Deselect the deliver checkbox next to the event where you want to change the date and click Next.

Transportation - Deselct Deliver

  1. After reviewing the actions, click Finish.
  2. If there are still transportation locations that need to be removed, repeat steps for other dates.

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