How can I add a Payment Extension Date?

Would you like to offer extended payment terms to a customer or set up an Auto Payment for after the Balance Due Date for an Event? To accomplish this task, follow these steps:

Add Payment Extension Date

  1. Go to CampLink > Itineraries and search for the itinerary that you want to extend.
  2. Click on Details and enter the new date in the Payment Extension Date field.

Itinerary - Extension Date

  1. Click Actions > Save.

Add New Auto Payment

  1. To add a new Auto Payment based off of the Payment Extension Date, go to Actions > Add Auto Payment.
  2. Choose the payment method and click Next.
  3. Check the box next to Pay Outstanding Balance on Due Date and the End Date will update with the new Payment Extension Date.

Intinerary - Auto Payment Extension

  1. Click Next and the Review Auto Pay Summary will appear. Notice that the Balance Due Date has been updated.

Auto Payment - Balance Due

  1. Click Finish to add the Auto Payment.

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