What notifications are sent for Donations?

CircuiTree has tons of options to notify donors of their donations…so many, that sometimes it gets confusing!  Here’s a handy list of all of our notifications, what they do, and when they run:

Donation Payment Acknowledgement


When a donation is made online through the donation page, the donor will receive this notification.

Nightly Process

When pledges are processed, any donations made are sent an acknowledgement email.


When a donation is added in the donation wizard, either as a single donation or part of a batch of donations:

  • It can be sent (or re-sent) manually using a menu option in the donation detail screen
  • If the Nightly Processing option “process pending donations” is run– is the same as the Nightly Process

When does the payment reminder get sent? 

When the Nightly Process runs the ‘process pending donations’, it finds all donations that are upcoming, have not been notified, and are within 10 days of payment.

  • It then sends them this email. Note if it fails, it will keep trying each night until the donation is actually made.
  • The 10 days figure is an application setting, under Payment > Email Notify Days. The default is 10, and is also used for upcoming payment notifications on scheduled autopayments.

Electronic payment notification

This is sent to all payments made by Electronic Check or Credit card. (Note that all pledges and donations entered online are Electronic Check/Credit Card)

Do any of these overlap?

The electronic payment and the donation payment acknowledgement both get sent in the case of electronic check or credit card donations.