What is a Discount?


A discount is a reduction in the price you charge for an event. Discounts can either be controlled by certain sets of rules (automatic discounts) or be applied by your staff directly (manual discounts.) You can also use a discount code, a manual discount that lets the customer enter a special code to get the discount. Discounts are typically either a percentage or a flat amount, although (with special permission) certain amounts may be changed at the time of application.


  • Early Bird Discount: 15% discount prior to January 1
  • Multiple Member Discount
  • Last-Minute Discount
  • Church Attendance Discount (discount code)


CampLink > Configuration > Discounts > [Specific Discount]


  • Name: The name of the Discount
  • Customer Label: This is the label that will be shown on the customers account statement
  • Description: Description of Discount
  • AR Category: AR Category to associated with Discount.  This will also be used in conjuction with event or resource’s cost center to determine which GL Code to when posting to a batch.
  • Calculation Type:  Here you have the option of setting the Discount to be a Flat Amount or a Percentage off
  • Flat Amount/Percentage Off: Depending on the Calculation Type selection, this field is used to represent the actual amount or percentage off.
  • Manual:
    • If Checked – then the discount can only be applied manually from the internal application by a user with the appropriate privileges
    • If Unchecked – then the discount will be automatically applied based on the Rule Types applied
  • Start Date:– The earliest date that the discount can be applied
  • End Date: The latest date that the discount can be applied 
  • Times Used: This is a Read-Only field that reports the number of times the discount has been used.
  •  Discount Rules:
    • Discount rules are used as criteria to determine if discounts are eligible while pricing a registration or reservation.
    • For more details click here.

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