How do I close Store Cards and transfer balances?

CircuiTree has added two new functions for store cards:

  1. You can now close store cards and process store card donations from within an event.
  2. You can also transfer store card balances to active registrations in a consecutive event.


  1. Let’s look at Leanne’s registration for Cheer Camp.  We can see she has a store card balance of $50.00.


  1. If you go into an open event (one that is going on right now), click on Actions > Close Gift Cards.


  1. Select one or both options.
Quick Tip – Transferring store card balances to active registrations in the next event only works for attendees who have a registration that ends one day and another registration that begins the following day.


  1. After clicking Next, you’ll see a confirmation of the actions that have taken place.


  1. And now, if you open Leanne’s next registration, you’ll see the $50 she initially had on her store card, and that $50 from her previous registration has been transferred!




  1. Russ Haerer

    Is this an automated feature that runs for all stayovers or must we manually go through the process for every camper staying through to the next week.

    Also, what happens for kids who depart for two weeks and then return but want to keep the funds on account?

    1. chelsea

      Hi Russ,

      It is a manual process, but not for each individual camper. You will run the process by event and every camper that meets the criteria (has a balance in the store card and is attending the next consecutive event) will have their funds rolled over.

      As for the kids who are gone for 2 weeks and then return, that will be something you handle on an individual basis.

      Let me know if you have further questions!


  2. Suzanne Herman

    This is an awesome feature, huge for us! Quick question on the example: it appears at the start of the 2nd week that Leanne now has $100 in store credit. Is that correct? Should she? Did she already have a $50 credit for the second week, and then we transferred $50 from the first week to give her a total of $100?

    1. chelsea

      Hi Suzanne,

      Yes, I added $50 of store credit to her registration initially. Then, when the additional $50 was transferred, she had an end total of $100. Good question, though! I’ll make that clearer in the documentation:)


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