Changes to Merchant Batch Order Process

With the release of 2021.08.03, there will be a change to when Merchant Batches are created for Orders. The goal of this change is for any electronic payment to be added to a Merchant Batch the day that it occurs.


Previously, GL Batches in SalesLink were only generated when running the End of Day process. This lead to a scenario where credit cards wouldn’t be batched until the End of Day process was ran, which can cause reconciliation issues.

Credit cards will now batch together every night during the Nightly Process, regardless of if the End of Day process has been run.

For example:

Day Credit Card Sales Cash Sales End of Day Ran? Merchant Batch Total Cash Batch Total
1 $1,500 $500 No $1,500 $0
2 $2,000 $750 Yes $2,000 $1,250
3 $900 $625 Yes $900 $625
Split Tender

With this change, the following scenario can arise with a split tender order. Take this example of a $50 order where $30 is paid via credit card and $20 paid with cash.

Day Credit Card Payment Cash Sales End of Day Ran? Merchant Batch Total Cash Batch Total
1 $30 $20 No $30 $0
2 Yes $20

One order would show up in two different GL batches. The best practice is to make sure that you run the End of Day process each day.


Previously, Webstore Order GL Batches were batched each night with the Nightly Process. With the change, this can cause a scenario where two orders from a given day can be split into two different GL Batches depending on when the Nightly Process is run.

The change will make it so that all Webstore Orders will batch together in the same Merchant Batch.