2023.01.001 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.


Release Date: January 23rd, 2023

Bug Fixes

CTD-11305 Redirect issue when using a pre-filter link

CTD-11781 Amount is not displaying correctly in View orders

CTD-12509 Fix Orphan Payments/ Duplication of Order

CTD-12665 Grade Level Auto Populating to K

CTD-12870 Error When Closing Payables Batch

CTD-13967 Can’t print receipts

CTD-14066 Automated email not sending updated text

CTD-14338 Surcharge not displaying correctly after payment

CTD-14339 Surcharge not displayed on Registration Checkout

CTD-14447 Adding new autopay schedule creates a canceled schedule


Credit Card Surcharging is now available

CTD-8507 Added support for Refund Check # Field to be text

CTD-8594 Ability to Schedule Activities within a multi-week event

CTD-10660 Update Publish > Open Registration Policy

CTD-10743 Protect / Unprotect is not updating in Attachment -> Individual Page

CTD-10749 Update Donation page

CTD-10911 Display “Do Not Solicit” once Communication Methods are added

CTD-11488 Scan button and administer button are overlapped in Scheduled medication

CTD-12013 Update Apply Manual Discount

CTD-12115 Change Event Date to Sent Date

CTD-12293 Add Validation when no Payment Processor selected when creating Organization

CTD-12357 Refresh Grids after Action

CTD-12358 Change Deposit Group to Drop Down under Add Event Type

CTD-12492 Update Add Medical Form Configuration screen

CTD-12520 Fix Action’s button option to Switch over to test company

CTD-12587 Required validation not working for Delete

CTD-12610 Add NPS Survey snippet to CT6

CTD-13056 Remove Mass Email results from Redis

CTD-13057 Remove Mass Email query results from Hangfire

CTD-13058 Save Mass Email results in temporary storage

CTD-13059 Remove Recipient from query when Opt Out/Ignore/Skip are selected

CTD-13606 Change Event Division Prices to show as range on Marketing Site

CTD-13609 CT Events not showing on ABC Find a Camp site

CTD-13685 Update “Registration Ends” to use Registration Close Date

CTD-13697 Merchandise Registration Step Should be turned off if AccessStoreFeature is Disabled

CTD-13733 Suppress Event Dates if “Hide Event Date” setting is selected

CTD-13779 “Add Member” button not working in New Experience

CTD-14142 Add Export Data option to Sent Report

CTD-14337 Don’t Update Payment Processor if Surcharging is Added