2.0.0 Release Notes

The following is a log of Bug Fixes and Features that have been included in the release.


Release Date: August 28th, 2023


CTD-15994 Unable to Select Activities on Web


CTD-11757 Add “Paid Time Off” Checkbox to Staff Offer

CTD-13679 Prevent Scheduled Payment from setting Payment Extension Date

CTD-15061 Require Gender when not set for Event

CTD-15066 Times are not being saved to events that are created by templates through Compliance

CTD-15231 Create Bunk1 table that includes Company and Organization IDs during Sync

CTD-15255 Allow Named Registrations to edit Attendee Information step

CTD-16043 Add Surcharge to Payment notification Automated Email

CTD-17247 Integrate Authentication Service in Login

New Feature

Add Donations to Registration Site

Learn how to make a donation on the Registration Site.

  • CTD-12230 Create Donation Sign In Page
  • CTD-12231 Create Make Donation page
  • CTD-12232 Create Make Donation > Donation Amount
  • CTD-12233 Create Make Donation > Donation Fund
  • CTD-12262 Create Make Donation > Payment Information
  • CTD-12629 Create Donation Portal
  • CTD-12630 Create Donation History
  • CTD-15568 Add Donation Pre-Filters
  • CTD-13279 Add Review step to Make Donation
  • CTD-16109 Update Donation Feature Flag to hide Donation link
  • CTD-16295 Create Make Donation > Summary
  • CTD-16454 Create Donation History > Pledges
  • CTD-17178 Update Donation UI
  • CTD-17623 Increase Make a Donation button clickable area
  • CTD-17624 Change Site Admin > Donation link
  • CTD-17678 Update Donation Summary formatting
  • CTD-17679 Create Make Donation > Donation Amount > Scheduled
  • CTD-17680 Create Make Donation > Donation Fund > Comments
  • CTD-17681 Display Security Code when required
  • CTD-17682 Change Donation Portal Icon colors to match text and update style
  • CTD-17683 Add Remove Pledge/Pending Donation validation
  • CTD-17775 Pledges not always displayed
  • CTD-17621 Don’t allow anonymous donations when Application Setting is set
  • CTD-17684 Update Donation Pre-Filters to require Login

Add Quick Register to Registration Site

  • CTD-12788 Create Quick Register > Checkout > Event Selection
  • CTD-12789 Create Quick Register > Checkout > Payment Amount
  • CTD-15569 Create Select Reservation > Dates page
  • CTD-15570 Create Select Reservation > Available Lodging
  • CTD-16065 Create Quick Register > Select Attendee page
  • CTD-16086 Create Quick Register > Checkout > Payment Method
  • CTD-16087 Create Quick Register > Checkout > Deposit Schedule
  • CTD-16088 Create Quick Register > Checkout > Legal Terms
  • CTD-16089 Create Quick Register > Checkout page > Review
  • CTD-16488 Add “Access Quick Register” Feature Flag
  • CTD-17176 Update Quick Register UI
  • CTD-17177 Create Quick Register > Checkout page > Checkout
  • CTD-17656 Add Pay button to Quick Register > Review

CTD-16403 Create List of Attendees for an event API

CTD-16404 Create Edit Attendee API

CTD-16405 Create Add attendee API

CTD-16406 Create Add event to cart API

CTD-16407 Create Remove from cart API

CTD-16408 Create List of questions for an event API

CTD-16412 Create Terms and Conditions API

CTD-16793 Add “Access Reservations – Registration Site ” Feature Flag

CTD-17622 Create Currently registered API