CircuiTree6 is coming soon!

We are giddy with excitement to announce that on Tuesday, April 5th, we will launch CircuiTree 6 to your TEST environment to replace CT Web. The following week on Tuesday, April 12th we will release CT6 to your LIVE environment.

We have committed significant time and resources to make this the best launch possible. Here is what you can expect:

  • CT6 will launch with all existing CT Web functionality and handful of newly designed features.
  • CT6 will introduce a new layout and easier way for you to get the information you need right away.
  • Support documentation will be updated with new screenshots to accommodate the new layout in CT6.

Our hope is that you will transition from CT5 to CT6 this spring, and manage your events, people, donors, and registrations this summer.

Important Dates

  • April 4th – CT6 released to your TEST environment
  • April 12th – CT6 released to your LIVE environment

New Features

Vertical Tabs & User History

Introducing Vertical Tabs & User History! Say goodbye to having too many tabs open that you can’t read. Now you can pop out tabs into their own windows and navigate back to a previous screen.


With CT6’s new Menu structure it is easier than ever to get to where you need to be and give you as much screen space as you need to work no matter the device you use.



Now you can search your database not only to find People, Donors, Families, and Groups, but all Features within CircuiTree like Check-In, Health Center Dashboard, and Application Management.


Flip Card

Details on every person in your database are now only a click away!

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