Sunset date of CT5 Registration Site moved to Fall 2021

Over the last several months, we have completed several transitions. 

  • October 2020 
    • Complete – Sunset CT5 
    • Complete – Upgrade to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Complete – Sunset FTP Access
  • December 2020 / January 2021
    • In Progress – Upgrade Credit Card Processing to Stripe

The remaining items on the list were scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020 included:

  • Sunset CT5 Registration Site
  • Sunset SalesLink 5
  • Add EMV Terminal Support to CT6

We have had a number of requests to be able to extend the sunset date to allow for more time to configure. We also heard your desire to not have customers register on two different platform.

One of the driving factors that was accelerating the need to sunset CT5 Registration Site was our yearly PCI compliance audit. We successfully completed the audit, which is great news.

With that in mind, we are extending the sunset date for CT5 Registration Site and SalesLink 5 to Fall 2021

Transition to CT6 Registration Site

If you are not in need of the following features, we recommend that you continue the process of moving to CT6 Registration Site to be able to offer a better experience to your customers:

  • HR Portal
  • Donation Portal
  • Webstore
  • Reservation Wizard

These features are scheduled to be completed in the upcoming months and we will keep you informed as to when they are available to use.

2022 Registration Season

If you continue to use CT5 Registration Site for the 2021 registration season, we recommend that you plan on using CT6 Registration Site for the 2022 registration season. This would prevent your customers from having to switch platforms half way through the season when CT5 Registration Site is sunset in Fall 2021.

For example:

  • Use CT5 Registration Site for 2021 registrations
  • In September 2021, open 2022 registrations on CT6 Registration Site