Pre-Summer Checklist

With summer quickly approaching, we know you are making last minute preparations and getting ready for campers to arrive. This time of year can be the most exciting, but also the most hectic!

With that in mind, we’ve got a recommendation that will help camp run much more smoothly: a mock run-through of a camp week! We know it will be an investment of time upfront, but it will save time in the long run, as well as identifying any questions or pain points in the whole process.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather your staff members who are responsible for all the daily camp tasks and practice any pre-camp features:
  2. Run through camper arrival and make a list of what you’ll need for opening day:
  3. Move through the daily routine for camp and determine who’s responsible for each task, such as:
  4. Send all summer medical personnel a link to the Health Center Overview, so they can begin learning how to use it. This will help speed up their training once on site.
  5. Run through all closing day administrative activities like batch refunds of Store Accounts and End of Event process.
  6. Consider utilizing the Quick Enroll feature that allows parents to register for next year’s event on the spot before leaving camp.
  7. Review the Scheduled Emails that you have setup. Create reminders that will be sent before the Attendee’s arrival or set up a post-event email that contains a link to a survey to track their experience.
  8. Finally, identify any holes in training or questions you may have and refer to our Support Site or contact us for assistance.  Make sure you have someone on staff documenting all processes so they don’t get lost in translation!

We’re looking forward to another incredible summer with you!

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