Why won’t this credit transfer?


I have a credit that won’t transfer from one registration or itinerary to where it’s needed. Why can’t I move it through the regular CircuiTree tools?


There are a number of reasons why a credit might not transfer. Here are some possibilities:

There’s still money owed on the itinerary. If your credit is coming from a registration, the system will check first to see if there’s any balance due on the itinerary to which the registration belongs. If so, it counts that credit against the balance first to determine what’s available for transfer.

The itineraries/registrations aren’t “owned” by the same entity. In order for a credit to transfer between registrations or itineraries, they must all be “owned” by the same entity, whether individual, group, or family. If the registrations or itineraries are owned by separate entities (for example, two different families, or an individual and a family), then the money won’t be recognized as a transferable credit. You’ll need to make manual entries to transfer the money (usually using category 9, Transfer.)

The credit might not be on an income category. In rare cases (usually as the result of an import), a credit might be associated with  an AR category that is not marked in the configuration as an income category. If it is not, then the credit is not included in the calculations to see what money can be moved. Either adjust the credit on the original account so that it does come from an income category or mark the existing category as an income category, whichever is appropriate.