When do Nightly Batches close?

Each night, CircuiTree runs a process for each company that will conduct a number of tasks. A primary task is the closing of certain kinds of batches, including credit card batches, transfer batches, scheduled payments, and void payment transactions. The nightly process can also maintain initial SalesLink and PhotoLink databases, update transportation information, and generate one-way emails for delivery to attendees.

We begin our batch processing at 12:30 am Central time. We then work on about 3 companies at a time; depending on the complexity of those batches, then, the entire process can take anywhere from 1-2 hours normally and possibly 3-4 in unusual cases (like a company with several hundred scheduled payments to process because of a balance due date.) This flexibility accounts for most variances you might see in the timestamps for the automated batches. Unfortunately, we cannot currently adjust this timing for a particular company; our procedure doesn’t actually isolate a company so that we can even set a particular time or set of parameters for one client at this time.