Why am I unable to choose Activities during online registration?

One of the most convenient assets that CircuiTree has to offer is the ability to schedule activities for specific events during online registration.  But what happens when attendees aren’t able to select activities during online registration?  Don’t panic!  We’ve got a solution for you.

Activities can be associated with a specific event.  So the issue is typically with the “Allow Selection Date” you set up when you are adding the activity to the event.  Make sure that the date is not in the future, because it will change ALL “Allow Selection Dates” for ALL activities.  For example, if your event has several activities already associated with it and the selection dates are all in the past, when you add a new activity with a future selection date, no one will be able to select ANY activities online until that future date.  Below is an example of how to add activities to an event and change the “Allow Selection Date” during that process.

If the activities have already been added to the event and you just need to change the “Allow Selection Date”, simply go the event configuration and right click on any activity.  Select “Edit” and then change the date in the appropriate field.  Then, make sure you login to your registration site as the site admin and clear the cache (so the changes show up online).  It’s as simple as that!