Timing and Accounting in CircuiTree

This fifth and final video in the Accounting Overview series discusses accounting functions related to timing, whether daily tasks like batch closing, periodic tasks like sending out balance due reminders, or triggered tasks like closing events. This video will help you get a sense of which tasks will be the most frequent and which periodic tasks you’ll need to put on your calendar. It makes special note of activities like tracking down unpaid balances and closing out events at the end of an event or season.

0:00 – 0:18           Introduction

0:18 – 0:42           Major Concepts

0:42 – 4:10           Daily Considerations

4:10 -6:03             Monthly Considerations

6:03 – 8:16           Seasonal Considerations

8:16 – 8:51           Final Notes


The charts below explain the different methods of accounting CircuiTree allows for, as they relate to timing and journal entries:

Accounts Receivable

Store Sales


The final video in this series will overview accounting setup in CircuiTree.