What is a Store Location?


A store location is a way to group inventory items and conduct transactions from that specific group. Typically, this represents a physical location, like a gift shop or a warehouse that houses the actual items and sells them over the counter. However, a store location can also represent a virtual location like a web store (although you can also simply designate a current physical location for your web store sales) or special categories like damage (letting you write off damaged goods) or shrink (which lets you account for stolen, missing, or extra goods unaccounted for the normal sales processes.) Store locations are associated with a particular location (from which the store location derives its tax rate), a specific cost center, and a company division. You can also choose to allow or disallow credit card purchases at this level.


  • Warehouse
  • Gift Shop
  • Coffee House
  • Snack Shack


SalesLink > Configuration > Store Locations > [Specific store location]

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