Sales Track

The Sales Track is a set of videos and posts that will prepare your merchandise sales team to work in the CircuiTree software. The merchandise section in CircuiTree has two main sections: inventory management and sales applications. The inventory management section allows you to define your items (SKUs in some cases) and associate them with UPC codes, set prices, create different sizes, and enter descriptions. You also use the CircuiTree system to receive inventory into specific store locations and adjust your inventory levels. The sales applications include the installed SalesLink program for your on-location store terminals and your web store for your online customers.

Setting Up Inventory

Before you can begin working with sales, you need to define your merchandise. Begin by creating inventory departments; you’ll need those before you can add inventory items to the system. After you do that, you’ll need to add inventory. First, create your store locations where the inventory will be kept. These will usually represent the physical stores from which you’ll run your sales, but you can also set up a central warehouse location for your inventory (whether it’s real or virtual.) Then create invoices to receive inventory into your store locations. These basics should get you ready for further inventory management and the sales cycle.

Auxiliary Setup

There are also other auxiliary elements that need to be set up in preparation for full use of the software. For your web sales to proceed properly, you need to set up tax rates for any states for which you need to collect sales tax. You can also offer pre-orders for purchase on the web site (or internally); this video will show you how to set up pre-orders and attach them to events. Finally, you can designate certain store locations to charge to particular departments as a way of paying for merchandise. This allows you to essentially transfer items within your organization to different departments at cost.

Inventory Usage

Once your inventory is set up, you can update it and make changes as necessary. You can also move merchandise between stores to reflect the physical transfer of your inventory. Use the inventory count editor to adjust quantities as needed (particularly useful after a cycle count, for example.) You can set particular prices for specific locations in case you charge different prices at different places for the same inventory item. Once pre-orders are in the system, you can view, modify, and cancel the orders as needed. Finally, after your onsite sales season is over, you can close a store location to transfer all of its inventory to another location.

SalesLink Preparation

SalesLink is an installed application that you can use to run your on-site sales. Each application is installed on a separate machine (controlled by a license key–contact your business analyst) and can interact with certain hardware provided the proper drivers. The following links will help you prepare your SalesLink terminals for use.

SalesLink Usage

You can use the SalesLink software to sell inventory on a cash, credit card, or check basis. You can also use its interface with the CircuiTree registration system to charge to specific accounts (to use prepaid store money, for example.) You can view the SalesLink Training webinar for the full picture or view the following videos (approximately in the order listed below) for specific questions.