What is a Reservation?


A reservation is generated when an attendee is associated with a particular resource. Typically, the resource is first allocated to an event, and the attendee reserves the resource in conjunction with that event. However, an attendee can reserve a resource even without a registration (as in the case of a hotel reservation.) Reservations, like registrations, have statuses, financial information, and the ability to have attachments. Reservations can exist for any resource type like lodging, transportation, activities, or equipment. (Transportation reservations may also have the Flight tab enabled, used for flight information for shuttle pickups.)


  • Lodging reservation for room Econ 104, Round Table Knights, 6/1/2012 to 6/3/2012
  • Transportation reservation, incoming shuttle from airport, needing flight information
  • Activity reservation, Paintball for Robby Hood, High Climbers Week 6 event


CampLink > Registrations > [Specific Registration] > Reservation tab > [Specific reservation]

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