Registration Track

The Registration Track is a set of videos and posts that will prepare your registration team to work in the CircuiTree software. It covers basic operations like the creation of groups and people, creating registrations, transferring and cancelling registrations, making payments, and closing batches. It also addresses advanced and periodic operations like merging duplicates, housing assignments, and roommate management.

For information on setting up CircuiTree to begin working with registrations, review our Registration Preparation and Setup suggestions.

Account Maintenance

Part of what you’ll be doing as a registrar is creating and modifying individual and group accounts. These posts will explain the building blocks of the system like basic navigation, account creation, and group management.

Daily Operations

The posts below will help you learn how to perform your daily tasks in the CircuiTree software. They cover basic registration procedures as well as standard daily processes like making payments and closing batches.

Advanced/Periodic Tasks

This set of video posts addresses the more complicated aspects of registration as well as periodic tasks that are often tied to certain seasons or dates on the calendar.

Web Operations

Once you have a good grasp of the internal operations above, you can transfer that knowledge to your website operations. Of course, your particular website will look different than the template used in the videos, but the functionality will be similar.