Receivables Payment/Charges Screen Detail


The Receivables Payment/Charges subtab classifies the economic transactions according to their type. Clicking on a heading will expand that group and list all a summary of the various entries. (For instance, if you have multiple store card purchases, they will be summarized into a single line item in this screen.)

Navigation: CampLink > Customers > [specific individual/group/family/registration/reservation/itinerary ] > Receivables tab > Payments/Charges subtab


  • Payments and Credits: this lists a summary of payments and credits for the account that are not discounts or scholarships
  • Scholarships and Discounts: this lists a summary of discounts and scholarships
  • Charges: this lists a summary of charges associated with the parent object
  • Projected Payments: (not pictured) this lists any future scheduled payments, either because of a payment schedule or an accelerated deposit policy

Special Actions

  • Right-clicking in the Projected Payments area will let you add an auto payment or view the details/cancel an existing one. Typically, this section only shows up on registrations and itineraries which accept payment schedules.