How do I configure One-Way Emails?

CircuiTree has made an awesome way for parents to keep in touch with their campers at camp, while also creating a great revenue stream for you.  It’s called One-Way Camper Emails.  These are emails that parents send to their campers during the camp session.  The emails can be printed daily and delivered to campers.  This is a great way to help parents feel connected to their children while they’re away and help children fight off homesickness.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Select and open the event you would like to add one-way emails to and navigate to “Additional Services”.  Click on the gear icon and select “Add”, or right-click in the white space and click “Add”.


2.  In the pop-up that appears, select the service you want to add (these will be preset by your business analyst).  When you choose a service, the fields should populate, but you can make changes to the name, description, and price if you choose.  Next click “Save”.  You’ve added a one-way email!


3.  To determine who in your organization will receive the one-way emails to be printed off, go to Configuration > Locations.  Then, enter the correct person’s email address in the email field. This person will be updated nightly about the one-way emails.  He or she can then print off the emails (which print organized by cabins) and distribute them to campers appropriately.

NOTE:  These emails will be flagged for profanity so they can be easily removed.


4.  If you need to run or print the one-way emails again, you can go to the “Reports” section in “InfoLink” and choose report -26, Camper Emails.  Enter the parameters you would like, and then save and/or print the emails.