How do I manage Roommate Requests?

In CT6, open a registration and select the Roommates tab

CT6 - Roommates

  • View Roommate Requests that have been Received and Made by the Attendee.
  • Flip the card to View, Accept, Decline or Remove the request.
  • Orange cards indicate pending requests, Green cards are accepted requests, and Red cards are declined requests.

Managing Roommates video shows how to invite roommates, confirm invitations, cancel/delete invitations, and re-send invitations in the CT5.

0:00 – 0:19           Introduction

0:19 – 1:06           Registration Details:  Roommate Requests

1:06 – 2:10           Requesting a Roommate

2:10 – 3:35           Editing a Roommate Request

3:35 – 4:20           Edit Request Code

4:20 – 4:58           Accepting Roommate Request