How do I make a manual entry?

Making Manual Entries shows how to add receivables to individual accounts in order to bring them into balance, to apply special charges, or make corrections outside the scope of the standard CircuiTree accounting tools.

0:00 – 0:54           Introduction

0:54 – 1:13           Registration Details

1:13 – 2:03           Payments/Charges:  Add Receivable

2:03 – 2:54           Pending Manual Transaction

2:54 – 4:30           Remove/Reverse Receivable


To void a payment or refund, right click on the line item and select Void

Quick Tip – If you are wanting to void a credit card payment, be aware that voiding the payment in CT does not actually stop the credit card payment from being processed.  It will only mark the payment as voided in CT.  If you are wishing to cancel a credit card payment, you will need to issue a refund.  This is because credit card payments hit the payment processor immediately.