How do I make a payment?

Got a phone call and a customer needs to make a payment? Under the Family Profile or a Registration, click on Actions > Make a Payment.

Payments in CT6

Payment Amount

CT6 - Make a Payment

  • See where you are at in the Make a Payment process using the steps across the top of the screen.
  • Under Account Summary, see the Balance Due and the amount Due Now.
  • Enter a Payment amount and then choose either Auto or Manual distribution and then click Apply.

CT6 - Distribution Method

Payment Method

CT6 - Payment Method

  • Select who is making the payment, click the CT6 - Plus Icon icon to add a new person.
  • Select an existing Payment Method or click on the CT6 - Plus Icon icon to add a new one such as a credit card or electronic check.
  • When selecting credit cards, enter the CVC code in the box provided.


CT6 - Verification

  • Verify that the payment looks correct and then click the Pay button to process the payment.


CT6 - Finished

  • Transaction number and email address where receipt is sent displayed.

CT5 Registration

Entering Payments for Individual shows how to make payments for an individual registration.

0:00 – 0:10           Introduction

0:10 – 0:26           Find a Customer

0:26 – 0:52           Registration Details

0:52 – 1:06           Make a Payment – multiple options

1:06 – 2:12           Make a Payment

2:12 – 2:39           Select Payment Method

2:39 – 3:27           Alternate Paying Entity

3:27 – 3:54           Additional Payment Information

3:54 – 4:31           Payment Complete


CT5 Itinerary

Entering Payments for Multiple People shows how to take a single payment and divide it over several registrations and/or itineraries, usually involving multiple people.

0:00 – 0:13           Introduction

0:13 – 1:12           Registration

1:12 – 1:46           Registration:  Make a Payment – payment distribution beginning on individual registration

1:46 – 2:53           Itinerary:  Make a Payment – payment distribution beginning on family itinerary

2:53 – 3:03           Select Pay Method

3:03 – 4:22           Completed Payment – example on each record