What is an Itinerary?


An itinerary contains one or more registrations. It has an owner who is responsible for payment (like a group for a group registration or a family for a child’s registration) and encompasses a specific date range. Itineraries can contain  registrations, reservations, or both. You can make payments on any or all registrations/reservations in an itinerary at once with a single payment, add attachments to the itinerary, and set attributes for the itinerary. Finally, itineraries will have a specific registration type that you can review (and adjust if necessary) in the Details tab.

Rules a Registration Must Meet to Be Added to an Existing Itinerary

1. They have the same paying entity
2. The type of registration is the same
3. The event dates overlap or are consecutive (in this case, they take place at the same time)


  • Millerson Family, 8/12/2012 to 8/20/2012 (child registration)
  • Merry Men, 6/1/2012 to 6/3/2012 (conference)
  • Robin Hood Family, 6/20/2012 to 6/27/2012 (family camp)


CampLink > Itineraries > [Specific Itinerary]

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