Individual Personal Info Screen Detail


The Individual Personal Info screen is a subsection of the Individual screen.

Navigation: CampLink > Customers > [specific individual] > Personal Info subtab


  • Greeting: the title by which the person wishes to be addressed
  • First Name: first name of the individual
  • Middle Name: middle name of the individual. May be required for certain ID purposes (like verifying identity for flights)
  • Last Name: last name of the individual
  • Suffix: suffix for the individual (like Jr. or Ph.D)
  • Preferred First Name: the name by which the individual would like to be called. If not specified, the first name will be used to identify this person
  • Gender: male or female. Please note that this is locked once someone signs up for a gender-specific event division. If it needs to be changed, the gender-specific registration must be cancelled first.
  • Birth Date: the date of birth. Is required for events that specify an age range.
  • Work Name: the place of employment for this individual
  • Profession: the profession of this individual
  • School Year/Grade: the grade this individual is in for the designated school year. Especially important for events that specify a grade range.
  • Early Enrollment Days: number of days before the official enrollment date the person is allowed to enroll. Allows for special early bird enrollment.
  • Deceased: shows that this individual is deceased which will keep them from being included in most queries to prevent awkward situations.
  • Deny Access: this prevents the individual from enrolling in an event on the website without specific permission from your organization.