How do I diagnose a slow or unreliable connection?

If you have having trouble making or maintaining a connection to CircuiTree, SalesLink, or PhotoLink, please work through the following steps to determine the likely source of the problem.

Step 1: Make sure your local Internet connection is solid

Before you contact CircuiTree, please make sure that your connection to the Internet is active and working properly. We recommend working with your local IT/network team to make sure that you are not experiencing a local issue (whether on your specific computer or your organization as a whole. Here are the questions that can help you evaluate your current connection status:

  • Can you access the Internet from the specific computer? If not, please work with your local team to re-establish connectivity. Also, when you’re checking, try to access a site you haven’t visited recently to make sure you’re getting a live connection and not just accessing the local cached version on your computer.
  • Can you access the Internet from other computers? If you’re having trouble getting to the Internet from your machine, double-check with others in your organization to see if they’re experiencing the same trouble. That will help you determine whether it’s a systemic problem or an individual machine’s issue. (This goes for slowness issues as well–it’s best to see if everyone’s encountering the same behavior before speaking to CircuiTree.)
  • Have you logged out and/or restarted the computer? On occasion, something in the computer’s normal operation can disrupt your network connection. Try restarting the computer to see if you get the same results
  • Has anything changed on your network? If you were able to successfully connect to CircuiTree recently but are just now having trouble, please check with your local computer staff to make sure they haven’t upgraded any servers or changed any settings that would prevent you from reaching the CircuiTree systems.

Step 2: Check the traffic/connection between your location and CircuiTree

Sometimes it will look like your Internet connection is just fine and that you can get to Internet sites without much difficulty. However, there can still be major roadblocks between your location and CircuiTree. To troubleshoot that connection, try the following:

  • Check the nationwide Internet traffic. Use the Internet Traffic Report to determine if there are major issues in your area of the country. If there are, that may be affecting the connection between you and CircuiTree (which relies on a consistent connection without a lot of dropped data.)
  • Try to reach the CircuiTree servers. Try to reach the CircuiTree application website ( if you are experiencing general network problems. If you cannot, please note the reason why the browser won’t let you (e.g., 403 or 404 error, timeout, unrecognized format, etc.) If you can reach the servers, try logging into the CircuiTree system using your credentials. If using SalesLink or PhotoLink, use the Remote Client Analyzer to verify your connection to the CircuiTree servers. If you are unsuccessful, please note the problem so you can relay it to CircuiTree staff if needed.

Step 3: Collect your data and contact CircuiTree

If you have established that your local connection to the Internet is secure and there appear to be no major roadblocks between you and CircuiTree but still cannot connect (or can connect but have trouble maintaining that connection), you can contact us through our normal support channels (noting that after-hours support is subject to its regular restrictions.) Here are some of the bits of information we ask you prepare in certain situations.

If you cannot connect to the CircuiTree servers, please collect and submit:

  • The error message you’re receiving (screenshots or direct transcription of the message are very useful)
  • The last time you were able to connect successfully
  • Whether others at your organization are experiencing the same trouble
  • Whether your computer or network have been changed recently

If you can connect to the CircuiTree servers but are experiencing slowness, please collect and submit:

  • The specific actions that are proving to be slow
  • The time it takes (in seconds) to perform a specific activity
  • Whether others at your organization are experiencing the same trouble
  • Whether logging out and/or rebooting have improved the speed or not