How does CircuiTree work with UPC codes?

CircuiTree and SalesLink can work with a number of UPC codes, whether you generate them or use products with pre-generated UPC codes. Here are a number of factors related to CircuiTree and UPC codes.

My scanner won’t scan this UPC code. How do I get CircuiTree or SalesLink to recognize it?

Actually, if your scanner won’t read a bar code, then that will usually be related to your scanner hardware or software settings. As far as CircuiTree, SalesLink, or any other program is concerned, a bar code reader is just another input device, like a keyboard or mouse. If you’re having trouble getting CircuiTree or SalesLink to read a code, first try using the scanner software to read the code, if available. If you don’t have scanner software installed, try opening WordPad or NotePad in Windows and scanning the code. If the scanner won’t enter information into those programs, then the problem is with the scanner, and it won’t put the data into CircuiTree either. Consult your scanner documentation for help in solving the problem. However, if a program like WordPad will read it but CircuiTree won’t, then please contact our support department for assistance.

I’ve got products with a pre-printed UPC code on them. How do I get CircuiTree/SalesLink to recognize them?

Each product in CircuiTree’s inventory management can be identified by one of two possible codes. Each product will have an 8-character part number that is the combination of the 6-character item number (describing the main item) and the 2-digit size code. In addition, you can specify another code by putting it in the UPC field in the Inventory Management screen. This code could be the pre-printed code for certain products or another designation that you wish to use (perhaps a legacy code left over from a prior inventory system.) The only restriction is that the code be 15 characters or less.

What bar code font does CircuiTree use on its reports?

The default bar code font for certain CircuiTree reports is code 39 (also called type 3 of 9 or type 39).